Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my microphone handle look exactly the way it looks on the screen?

Your microphone handle will look amazing! However it should be noted that there is some variation in the process.

How do I install my new handheld?

Installing your new handheld is simple, and is a matter of removing the old black handle and installing the new style. A screwdriver may be required depending on your model, but no other tools or special equipment is necessary. For detailed instructions see:

What browsers is this application supported in?

The Shure Design Studio supports most modern browsers including Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari may require Adobe Flash. The Shure Design Studio does not currently support iOS devices including iPad and iPhone.

Content Usage Policy:

Click the link for Content Usage Policy.


Click the link for details on the 90 day Limited Warranty.

Terms of Service:

Click the link for Terms of Service.

Where can orders be placed from and shipped to?

At this time, orders are limited to the United States of America.

How long will it take to process my order?

Please note that custom microphone orders require 5-10 business days; your order will ship once the product is completed and a tracking number will be emailed so you can verify arrival time.

How can I track an order?

To check the status of your order please log onto your account or have your order number available at: If it indicates that your order was delivered and you still do not have it, please check with your local postal or UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS. Be sure to provide the tracking information provided from our site.

How can I view and/or reorder a previous design?

In order to review a previous design it must have been saved. Once you save an order, you will receive a unique design code through both the Design Studio application and an e-mail. On the Design Studio homepage click on the “Load a Previous Design” link. You will then be prompted to enter your design code. If you do not know your design code you will be prompted to enter your e-mail address.

How are the custom handhelds made?

The custom handhelds are made utilizing a unique dye transfer technology known as sublimation. Once submitted through the design studio, the image is transferred to a propriety fabric that is wrapped around the handheld. The handheld is then heated to a very high temperature which causes to image to vaporize directly into the plastic handheld. This unique process provides for a durable product that can withstand many environmental factors.

Are these handhelds compatible with other Shure models or manufacturers?

Color handles:

Currently six new color choices (white, silver, gold, pink, blue and red) are available for the BLX2/PG58, BLX2/SM58, BLX2/BETA58A, GLXD2/SM58 and GLXD2/BETA58A wireless handheld transmitter options in the BLX and GLXD Wireless Lines. No wired microphones choices are available in colors this time.

Custom Handles:

Currently users can order custom design handles for the BLX2/PG58, BLX2/SM58, BLX2/BETA58A, GLXD2/SM58, GLXD2/BETA58A, GLXD2/BETA87A and GLXD2/BETA86 wireless handheld transmitter options in the BLX and GLXD Wireless Lines. No wired microphones choices are available in custom designs at this time.

Shared Compatibility Note:

The following microphones have identical handles and therefore your custom designs fit both models:

Customization suggestions:

However, if there is a particular device you would like to see offered in the future please submit a request to:

Can I add multiple pictures to my custom handheld?

Yes, you can add multiple pictures to your handheld by using the “Download a Template” option found on the popup window visible after pressing the “Upload and Image” button located on the left hand side of the Design Studio.

Do you gift wrap?

Unfortunately we do not offer gift wrapping services at this time.

How do I return a product?

If returning for credit please log onto your account at, click on create a return, and follow the instructions provided.

If returning for any other reason, please contact Shure Customer Service at:

How can I contact Customer Service?

You can e-mail us at or call us at 800-¬434-¬3350.

What name will the charge appear under on my credit card bill?

"SHOPTRN*Shure Custom” will be the company name on your credit or debit card statement.

When will my credit card be charged after I place an order?

Your card is pre-authorized for your purchase amount when you click "submit" during checkout. You may see a pending charge on your account at this point. Your card is charged when the order is formally accepted and prior to shipment—typically charges are applied within 1 week.

How do I get my wireless system repaired?

If for any reason your wireless system needs to be fixed, please see the following link for details on how to get it repaired:

NOTE: If you still have the original handle that came with your microphone, it is recommended that you remove your custom handle and return your product with the original handle.

Privacy Policy:

Unless stated otherwise as a part of a contest your image will not be shared publicly. See the following link for Shure’s privacy policy:

My question is not here, who can I contact? If you have any more questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact Shure Customer Service at: